The Radio-controlled Sailing Club of Chile ( invites you to participate in the largest IOM class event in South America.

Between November 9th and 12th, 2023, Lake Rupanco, located in the Puyehue commune, Los Lagos, Chile (see location), will be the stage for this international gathering.

The enthusiasm for sharing with great helmsmen leads us to take care of each of the details and preparations, in anticipation of making it a memorable four-day competition of exciting regattas, along with the opportunity to deepen our bonds of friendship.

The planning team has worked tirelessly to ensure that everything is perfect, from the careful selection of accommodations and meals.

And it won’t all be between buoy and buoy, we also hope you enjoy the gastronomy and extra competitive activities on land.

We hope this event will be a unique and enriching experience for all captains and companions, to whom we welcome in advance.

Feel free to bring your partners if you wish. Just let us know in advance so they can comfortably experience it.

A hug to all and we look forward to seeing you with great enthusiasm to sail and enjoy with our fellow helmsmen from Argentina, Brazil, Chile and the world.

See you in Rupanco, Chile, November 2023.